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Now listen, Gartner – virtualisation and containers ARE different


If there was any company whose technology could be used to attempt to invalidate my distinction between containers and hypervisors it would be Odin's. They offer the ability to run more legacy style applications in containers – and with hypervisor-like features – than anyone else."

Ubuntu's LXD is also intended to bridge the gap between heavyweight hypervisors and ultra-lightweight containers like Docker. You are supposed to be able to stuff existing applications into Ubuntu LXD without having to re-architect them or to use them for the newer "micro-service" style architecture.

I do agree though that Gartner has got containers all wrong by lumping them in together with hypervisors. However, I think they are trying to pound square pegs into round holes because their "magic quadrant" based sales pitch requires them to include the names of large companies that dominate legacy markets. Any magic quadrant that doesn't include companies that their customers are already signed up with isn't going to meet customer acceptance, since many of those customers are really just looking for justification for past decisions. With containers, the market is dominated by small companies and nobody knows which of them really has the right take on the technology. The large legacy vendors such as Microsoft and VMWare are left trailing behind and trying to play catch-up.

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