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containers are the future

Is quite a stretch there, stretch.

Containers have their use cases, and "services oriented architecture" has been around for a very VERY long time (my first exposure to it was 2007 but I'm sure it was around much earlier than that). Containers have been around for a long time too(12-15+ years? on some platform(s) anyway)

When(or if) containers can provide the same level of mobility that VMs have then they will be pretty set to take on VMs. Until that time their deployment will probably be limited to larger scale setups (in the same sense that software defined networking is limited to those setups too).

I do use containers myself, currently I have 9 containers deployed(LXC on Ubuntu 12.04 LTS on physical hardware), along side roughly 600 VMs. The containers are there for a very specific use case and they serve that purpose well. Six of the containers have been running continuously for over a year at this point (e.g. we don't do "rapid deploy and delete"), the other 3 containers are only one month old and haven't seen production use yet.

Containers should be on that hype bandwagon that el reg covered in another article today from gartner, because they are mostly hype. They aren't magical. They aren't revolutionary. They aren't even NEW.

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