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'Cause VLC would as likely as not also rely on the Stagefright CODECs to Videos to actually work.... Since its actually part of the Android -- Linux System, and would NOT otherwise be included with Kodi, or VLC... It's hardly like we could expect them to fix it for us. I'd imagine a Patch in-and-of-itself wouldn't take the World to fix.... But, getting that Patch out to everyone who'd needs it, is. Google need to have a re-think about how to bypass the OEM's to allow those who need to get Security Patches, to then actually get them... FAST!

Then again... With no credible third Mobile OS out there, they still have time.... I suppose. And NO WinPho... Is in my book anything BUT, credible.... As bad as Android might be.... I'd still would have it over WinPho every time. This just makes me wish that the Ubuntu Phone was a bit closer to reality now though.

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