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"Sure, there may be a small percentage of situations where the bare-metal speed is worth it, but when you're writing software that will be deployed on a significant proportion of the devices in existence, using languages that make things hard to test and that so brilliantly hide the mistakes of us fallible humans seems positively stupid."

Except that ARM chips aren't exactly the most performance-friendly chips on the market. They're just cheap and easy on the power (a boon when on batteries). But customers STILL expect good performance out of their devices even down the road. Sluggish performance becomes an increasingly common complaint as a phone ages. Even my S4 shows some oddities now and then. And let's not start on the memory limitations and so on. Phones are closer to the embedded world than the PC world in terms of architecture, and embedded developers will tell you a thing or two about delivering performance while under constraints. If you've got a highly-competitive market where the customers demand everything yesterday and doing nothing may not be an option, what do you do?

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