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Your post is spot on when it comes to the facts, and mine is indeed incorrect.

But being factual correct was not the point of it. It is just weird that someone starts making a smart phone OS, manages to get 85% global market share because it is good enough and given away for "free", but then nobody is responsible for updates.

The point was also not to to go into "you can install a custom ROM" we all know that, but 95% of the users won't bother, they just sit on an insecure product.

In 2008 the first Android phone was released, we are now 7 years further, google did nothing to solve this, knowing how dangerous it all is from a security point of view to do nothing. When this type of issue surfaces in 2015, google is clearly to blame for its lethargy towards the phone manufacturers in enforcing updates.

I guess the government has to step in to tell this bunch of toddlers that updates are obligatory for at least 3 years, EU warranty period for electronic devices.

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