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Anonymous commenter at Slashdot suggests modifying the following entry in /system/build.prop:


(Root is required to modify build.prop)

Great so I managed to kill off stagefright.... How the Hell do I use my seemingly legit Kodi Install (Google Playstore), to watch stuff on my Phablet now?! Speaking about Kodi I guess it would be an even higher infection vector, in the sense, that its raison d'etre IS to play Movies (i.e. Clips)... Not above the board. (i.e From unknown sources). While there hasn't been much said about it. I don't think this is the first instance of a Video managing to pw0n some System. (Thinking of Windows here),.

But, Kodi (Formerly known as XBMC), or in some cases SPMC. Damned well nearly relay on stagefright to work. Assuming you wanted your Movies to actually work.

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