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With them you're getting updates for a 4 year old device, but in world of premium android you seem to get a "gentleman's agreement" on 2 years, and then you're on your own.

That's the legal requirement in the EU. Some of this stuff simply needs challenging in the courts.

Things are often complicated by carriers running their own shit on top of the manufacturers' shit making which makes development and test take a lot longer. But some court rulings could really help in establishing the various degrees of liability.

Apple's support is great as far as it goes. Anecdotally, however, I've been told that after about 3 years performance on the latest IOS seems to be so poor that new hardware is best solution. And app devs on IOS seem to march in lockstep with the IOS versions, meaning that OS upgrades are often required if you want to use the latest version of an app.

There's less variance in phone hardware than there is on your average PC

That simply isn't true. The lack of an ISA (industry standard architecture) has led to a raft of proprietary SoC's that all do things differently.

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