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OnePlus 2: The smartie that's trying to outsmart Google's Android


The original OnePlus One also had these same features and they are actually useful. I have multiple cameras installed so the gesture brings up a list asking which one to use although you can choose a default one to load if you want. Can also double tap the screen to wake it when it's off.

The original OPO recorded 4k video and also in high speed camera mode, so recording things like birds flying in slow motion was pretty cool. Also 3GB ram. All this stuff for about a third of the price of similar powered phones made the OPO very special. The OnePlus doesn't seem so special, just a cheap phone with similar specs to others on the market.

I'm surprised they didn't increase the ram and screen resolution in this newer model. So lazer focus camera, better EU LTE support, usb C (over hyped in their forums), a faster cpu with known overheating problems and a fingerprint reader seems to be the main differences, not tempting enough for me to upgrade.

Going by the certifications they have applied for, there may be different size versions of the phone. My only gripe with the original OPO was it was slightly too big to be used in one hand comfortably.

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