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For years IT people have been dealing with PC security but at least felt they could take some steps to reduce the risk, filtering at the firewall, chose antivirus and antimalware, install local policies, decide (to some extent) what software was installed.

Then came phones, at first they were simple devices that didn't do too much, now they are multiprocessor, gigs of ram, computers in your pocket, but most that "control" stuff has been stripped away and people even get offended if you dare to infer that facebook, messaging or a million cool apps are anything other than business critical. BOYD has fucked up a lot of business security, seriously someone needs to stand up and properly weigh the value of handing over critical data to companies that are more interested in harvesting your information and contacts than protecting your livelihood.

I don't just mean Google, most of them are at it and the BYOD moniker is just a smoke screen for data rape.

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