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It's better than that. The poles and wires monopoly (QLD State Govt. owned) will be charging like a wounded rhino for meter switchover on solar installations that the State Govt. encourages. That it encourages solar is ironic given it is an owner of a large amount of coal power plant - ironic because as they undermine their assets they reduce the annual dividend from them and thus hamstring the State budget.

There's also talk amongst the retailers and the poles and wires duo about increasing standing charges for those with solar. This is on top of increasing power prices. What they don't seem to realise is that with each charging rort and each c/kWh increase they are actually bringing closer the death spiral of off grid housing.

Given that the per kWh cost includes generation, poles and wires, and retailer premium I find it disgusting that I am charged a daily "supply fee" which isn't for supply at all - it's just bloody retailer margin!

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