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Happy birthday Alf Garnett, you daft, reactionary old git

Dan Paul


Have an upvote for acknowledging the difference. Also sick and tired of the professionally "offended" clique out there. I was 13 in 1969 and remember ALL the shenanigans from both sides. Todays "professionally offended" haven't even come close to having similar reasons.

The fact remains that race, sex or gender is not the issue and never was, the willingness to work hard is. If you just want to live on the public dole and won't try to better yourself, then you get what you deserve and you have no right to criticize anyone.

The left has to perpetuate the myth of victimhood or all they have are empty promises and ballot boxes. Funny thing, but as soon as you become successful (regardless of race), you stop voting for those fools pretty quick.

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