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>The entire PC concept hadn't been thought of [...]

Horse puckey. It has been known by many names -- "blasphemy", "obscenity", "offensive", "decency", "decorum" are a grab-bag of the For & Against over the years -- but there's nothing new about people feeling offended by words above deeds (particularly on behalf of putative others, aka "white knighting"), nor about them abusing the offices of government and legislature to censor (and censure) the "offenders".

"Political correctness" (which, let's be honest, cannot literally describe anything other than an oxymoron) is simply the latter-day rebranding. I actually kinda like it, not least for what it says about whoever dreamed it up: although there may not be (and rarely is) any political inflection to that which is deemed to have transgressed, it not-so-subtly acknowledges that the "consequences" are likely to come backed-up by political clout.

(Note to future historians: Yes, I'm not trolling you, this is really how it worked in our time.)

The enemy has always been with us, because the enemy has always been within us.

Signed: Somebody who likes telling "dirty" jokes and hopes he never gets machine-gunned for it.

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