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Happy birthday Alf Garnett, you daft, reactionary old git

Tony S

I watched the pilot, then a couple of the shows. As a pre-teenager, I was initially amused by the language used, but that got old very quickly. I knew that it was taking the mick out of so many that did actually think like that; but just found the attitude expressed offensive.

After about 4 or 5 episodes, no-one in the family was that interested in watching. Many of my school friends carried on watching it, and I just stayed away from those that seemed to revel in some of the more unpleasant scripts.

But we exercised our right to turn off the idiot box and do something of more interest.

Having said that, I did see Warren Mitchell some years later at a theatre production (can't remember now what it was; maybe Death of a Salesman?); a totally different character and it showed that he was actually a really good actor.

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