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Happy birthday Alf Garnett, you daft, reactionary old git

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Re: @Little Mouse - "Alf said what most people were thinking"

Speight's intention was for people to laugh AT Alf Garnett, not with him.

Very true. I recall an interview with Warren Mitchell where he expressed his frustration at the number of people who identified with Alf and thought he was in the right.

This is a perennial problem with satirical characters - a lot of people identify with them instead of seeing their flaws. I'm sure you could say the same about Harry Enfield's Loadsamoney, Ricky Gervais' David Brent or Al Murray's Pub Landlord.

That doesn't make the satire any less valid or funny. I was only a kid when Alf Garnett hit the screens but some of those shows were works of comic genius.

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