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Pascal Monett Silver badge

ICANN has gone rogue

It is blindingly obvious that the institution that is ICANN is no longer trustworthy and is being managed much more like mafia than like a proper institution.

Every employee should be sacked and have criminal charges brought against them.

Every board member should immediately be arrested and put in jail for subversion, blatant backroom dealing and collusion with intent, and forbidden to ever sit on a board or position of responsibility again.

The US government is obviously incapable of bringing this situation to order, probably more interested with hoovering up the entire world's communications than dusting its own porch. Something will have to be done about that, and at this point, I'm feeling that the UN is the perfect place to put a new ICANN - decisions might take years, but they will be public at every step of the process, the mirror of what we have now.

I am sick and tired of this rigmarole. It is time for the curtain to come down on this farce that is ICANN and put some honest people in charge.

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