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The green salamander is out: Cisco gives up on Invicta flash arrays

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What really is a shame is how Cisco treated the entire acquisition. If you thought they looked confused on positioning from the outside, you can only imagine what was going on inside the company. Half of senior management was outright hostile to the idea of having in-house storage arrays, couple that with being in the middle of a big LR and you have the perfect storm where the non-supporters can strangle the headcount budget.

If you strangle headcount growth in a recently acquired startup and expect to be able to transition existing products to new platforms as well as continue develop cutting edge features while simultaneously raising the bar for testing and interoperability, its very easy to predict the result. Which in turn allows the original dissenters to declare failure.

In the end, from a bigger picture perspective it looks like Cisco doesnt really want to be in the array business and is likely to do something they understand better (and this is a good thing) like hyperconverged. This will allow them to leverage their considerable strength in compute while minimizing their risk, and should provide them with a better return.

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