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The green salamander is out: Cisco gives up on Invicta flash arrays

Joe 48


Such a shame if this is true. I still think invicta on a blade in a UCS Chassis could have been quite a powerhouse.

Nutanix would make sense. Cisco have the hardware, Nutanix have the software, put it on 3100 series or what ever its called (Never really sell them) and you've got a decent hyperconverged setup. Better yet stuff if on 8 blades in a UCS Mini and you've got a monster. Using a UCS mini they could call it super-hyper-converged.... Or something similarly daft anyway. That'd be a monster setup!

I've downloaded the community version of Nutanix but still not testied it on a UCS Blade. The new Demo UCS Mini and Nimble CS215 should be here in the next few weeks so as soon as I've got a few deployments out of the way its play time!! I'll be playing with Nutanix first!

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