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Scammers going after iOS as fake crash reports hit UK


I heard a story last week of phone scammers..

Little old wifie got a call from MS to fix an issue on hers PC, she was well and truly sucked in. A remote desktop service was installed and the scammer proceeded to route about her pc "fixing stuff!". A payment was requested so she handed over her bank details as well as her debit card details after a two hour call. The card transaction failed so they attempted to take the transaction with her credit card(s) for the sum of £150, the actual sum attempted was over £300 but the credit card company blocked this, it was explain to her this was because it was Tunisia and it would have to be a Western Union payment. Then she started to get suspicious asking why Tunisia and it was explained so they could dodge tax in the UK (quite plausible if you ask me), she ended up with no cash taken and likely has to burn her cards.

You could say a fool and their money are soon parted, but not everyone is tech savy and its much easier to be conned than most people think (look at Politics).

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