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Planes interiors should be redesigned for the XXI century

Besides bulk shipping of batteries, there's a bigger issues, and that is planes interior design didn't change since the '70s, but to shrink spaces to carry more passengers.

While forty years ago usually travellers had very few valuable items but maybe jewels to carry with them (but some business travellers), today people have far more valuable/fragile items that are too risky to be checked in. For example if I'm on a photo vacation I have easily more than 15,000 euro worth of photo gear, PC, etc with me - items I bought with some sacrifices, and which I can't easily replaces if stolen or damaged. I would happily pay for some on-board storage besides hold luggage which doesn't go through the checked-in one handling - where X-ray scanners are more used to check what luggage to steal items from than to identify security threats.

This could also be desigend with security sensors and actuators for things like Li-Ion batteries. BUt it would require a redesign, and maybe losing some "precious" seats...

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