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Loan application data hacked, company responds: Meh, not our customers

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It'll work

AFC Kredieten is, as it were, Paris Hilton: what others would think is a hugely shaming and distressing calamity (in Ms Hilton's case, that video), AFC merely have to take with a shrug and a 'so what?' The evil consequences will be, what, exactly? Their current clients, who owe them only, can't desert them, and people will forget the kerfuffle in a few years. The hackers make money off of other companies' mediocre security and shame: these companies pay for silence. But if you have no shame, the hackers have gone to a lot of trouble for nothing. Lesson: try to target companies with mediocre security who still have shame. But if AFC reap no badness, you can bet shame will be evaporating from corporate minds like dew in the desert.

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