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> So much for Arm power efficiency when used in number crunching capacity I guess.

I believe chips themselves will only require around 15 W each, assuming I haven't confused this number with some other ARM-based platform I heard about at ISC. The 1600-watt part looks therefore like a truly enormous safety margin. This might be in part in order to account for all the possible storage devices - the particular Gigabyte server illustrating the article (and which if I understand the article correctly may not in fact be what OVH will end up using) may only have four storage bays per node but one of the ThunderX motherboards I have seen, I *think* a Gigabyte one as well, had sixteen SATA ports. Add all the RAM, fans et cetera and the total... is still nowhere 1.6 kW but at least a) is a much larger fraction thereof and b) the CPUs aren't the power-hungriest part of such a server.

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