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Since every "Stock Exchange", most all banks and Financial Services Firms rely on Linux/BSD UNIX0Like and soe legacy UNIX for the infrastructure, as well as every Internet Carrier and Services provider - Google, Facebook, Twitter, linked-In, eBay, Netflix, AT&T, Amazon, and dozens of the other largest technology usage companies in USA except Microsoft, the 5% figure for Linux server infrastructure is false, especially when the following tech companies have stated deploying significantly more NIX than Windows - IBM, Oracle, Cisco, etc.

In europe most of the 27 countries in the European Union as well as Russia have "standardized" on NIX - in Government, Education, NGOs with business not far behind.

China has blacklisted Windows, and use Linux for all new implementations.with most chinese corporations following closely behind via government mandate.

Even Walmart, Target, TJM are following the Linux path with Openstack, especially for Cloud Computing services so the commenters info appears quite bogus.

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