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I "do" know that Microsoft's contributions to FreeBSD project is "precisely" because Microsoft uses the FeeBSD Networking stack - for "all" it's networking functionality, since the company' own network stack development efforts have failed miserable at every attempt, and supporting the continued innovation and improvements of FreeBSD netwroking is in their own interest.

The OpenBSD donation or contribution is "strictly" for OpenSSH, which OpenBSD developed and "fully" controls, and since, like all UNIX/Linux and UNIX-like operating systems (including Apple Mac OS X), Microsoft depends on continued development, improvement and maintenance of OpenSSH, such money outlay is wise and prudent.

I trust this clarafication is acceptable to "technologically and factually ignorant" Microsofties who may falsely interpret that these BSD entities "need or rely on" Microsoft to any degree what-so-ever.

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