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Microsoft to offer (very) limited support for Linux on Azure

W. Anderson

Microsoft's Trojan Linux support in Azure

It is my clear understanding in direct comments from companies like RedHat, IBM, Oracle Corp, BMC and even Cisco and many others that the primary and probably only reason Microsoft provides any interoperation for Linux in it's Azue Cloud Computing services is because of overwhelming and strong customer "demand".

Nothing that Microsoft has ever done, including it's announcement of “very limited “support for Linux indicate a "cooperative" effort that would allow Linux VMs in Azure to function efficiently, reliably and with good performance, especially superior to Azure Windows server solutions.

Why does not Microsoft support RedHat Enterprise Linux, instead of CentOS which is a "community based" derivitave of RedHat without direct enterprise support that Microsoft's enterprise customers would expect?

And if problems with integration of Linux working inside Azure do occure, which is inevitable given Microsoft's adversarial position and actions toward Linux, even until now, why would this stated policy in article ..."the company welcomes Linux virtual machines to Azure but if something goes awry will only tell you if Azure is to blame." …. not lead to practice of Microsoft eternally blaming "any problems" on the Linux factor of integration and not on Azure?

Enterprises or any entity, large or small that fully understands the tremendous benefits of and prefers Linux in a Cloud Computing environment - for numerous credible technical and business good reasons, choose Microsoft as the Cloud Provider in first place, with the exception of a contractual agreement with Microsoft from which the customer cannot extricate themselves?

Any other reasoning would indicate confused, convoluted thinking!

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