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@naive - "With the rudimentary Linux support in both HyperV and probably also Azure, most of these platforms won't run. (...) it is probable that these mid sized Microsoft shops might decide for Azure, after all, who gets fired for choosing Microsoft ?."

"Who gets fired for choosing Microsoft?" - The IT managers who signed up for Azure and then found out afterwards that it wouldn't run their platforms? For people who don't want to get fired, figuring out if something offers only "rudimentary support" for something you need is usually one of the first steps in an evaluation.

If you want detailed commercial support for the operating system or the software stacks running on the OS you would normally go to SUSE, Canonical, or CoreOS/Tectonic. That's what they do for a living, whether its running on VMWare in your own data centre, or on a "cloud" somewhere.

This will be the same if you are running Windows on AWS by the way. Amazon will tell you if their "cloud" is running, but you have to talk to Microsoft for problems with Windows.

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