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True, but you shouldn't be comparing with Xeon. These servers will excel if they can do more per U than Xeon, but only if the jobs don't need the x86 single-threaded oomph. Proxies, webservers, etc.

It does indeed depend on what that single thread performance is for. Where ARM did very well in the mobile market was in working out what computing loads mobile users wanted to do then adding a specific co processor for it. That turned out to be media decompression and compression, good 3d performance, etc. Intel's approach is often to have a fast CPU and do it all in software. ARM won the mobile war easily.

If the same thing happens in servers then Intel will be at a power disadvantage there too. Quite a lot of server loads are simply one of shoveling data around, so it's more about IO bandwidth, not CPU core grunt.

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