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New business model?

Perhaps in the same way many dangerous weapons can be freely purchased and owned in Amerika, vulnerabilities and exploits will now only be available to Amerikan scumware writers, spies, LEAs, drive-by artists spammers and other low-life. And as long as you don't let those nasty vulns and their cures leave the country (shhhhh! and don't you tell anybody that you have them), then you will be left alone. But let some foreign malware writer get his hands on this technology, and you will be in for a heap of federal hurt, boy.

It is such a stupid idea that it almost makes sense.

When will these people have their life-support systems unplugged? What will it take for these dickwads to stop legislating on things they clearly do not understand? A complete cyber meltdown?

I am honestly losing hope. The only other explanation I can think of is that the US Government WANTS to encourage the proliferation of cyber crime. Or is my tinfoil on too tight? Please HELP !

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