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China's STILL holding up the full WD-HGST integration. Why?

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Re: "While the Seagate Constellation drives are just as good"

That's funny...

Of course, you only get refurb drives as replacements anyway...

Seagate doesn't only make bad drives, they're also dishonest.

After advertising Barracuda drives with their "Power of One" claim - meaning 1 TB per platter, it turns out they were also selling Barracudas with 3 platters of 667 MB, with identical model number and no way for customers to tell what they were getting.

You had to weigh the damned things to figure out if you got what you paid for or if you got screwed with the output from an older plant (compared to the models they sent to reviewers), cutting speed by a third, running hotter and having lower reliability.

I'd call that fraud.

Just out of principle, I wouldn't buy from that den of thieves

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