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China's STILL holding up the full WD-HGST integration. Why?


Re: in every thread on this issue there is always at least one Seagate-basher

And at least one WD basher :p

You know internet forums are full of paid shills anyway.

But it doesn't matter if Seagate bashers and WD bashers find an equilibrium in forum threads...

The annoying part is, that both do it without a shred of evidence, or anecdotal evidence at best.

The only people who do meaningful testing in companies that actually use enough drives to have any statistical relevance immediately get picked appart by people paid by whoever had the highest failure rates.

Or its said that drive testing in a corporate environment has no bearing for consumers, since they are not heavy users.

According to any real data I've seen past and present (been in the business since 1987) and the massive differences between actual drive models from the same manufacturer, if I had to make a purchasing choice by brand alone without knowing the history of a particular drive model, I'd go for HGST first, anything still bearing the Samsung brand second, Toshiba third, WD forth and Seagate last.

Now I won't buy drives without knowing something about them, so in reality, choice isn't so much by brand, but still influenced by the brand's customer support and warranty details.

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