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Google: Maps editing is back – but, please, no more p*ss-taking robots!

Gene Cash Silver badge

We've got several restaurants listed here in east Orlando, despite being closed for over 4 years, and 3 or 4 attempts at informing Google. We've also got one-way streets with the wrong direction given, ditto.

I'm always told "insufficient information" - what the hell more do they want? I can't send a picture of the closed restaurant, it hasn't been there for 3 years!

Also, a motorcycle accessories shop opened down the street 2 years ago, and I heard the owner continually bitch about how he either disappeared from Google Maps, or was listed several blocks away. He eventually closed shop and one of the factors was "wow, I couldn't find you"

Fuck 'em. I now keep a separate map with personal corrections that I share among friends and riding buddies, plus Open Street Map has no problem with corrections.

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