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Is there no one else ?.

This whole vendor ecosystem resembles big white sharks, Microsoft and other major vendors, surrounded by a swarm of pilot fish, hackers, the security industry and curious governments, living from eating nasty bugs from the skin of these predators, who on their turn feed on the money the victims give them prior to being hacked.

Most people, users and thus customers seem to find this situation normal. Buy a computer, pay some OS vendor $100, go online and get all kind of nasty stuff for free by just by visiting a website.

Put a webserver online, and run the risk to get hacked, and it does not make much difference if one uses closed or open-source.

We buy desktops or servers with modern i5/i7 or Xeons NOP-ing around while they are being hacked. It this where the IT industry got us ?, is this the state of affairs for days to come ?, or the more important question... Is there no one else who can pick up the glove and liberates us from the strangulation of monopolistic vendors producing software which is "Unsafe at any clock frequency" ?.

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