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Well played, choosing an incredibly emotional situation (kidnapping of child) to test whether the the "who" is an emotional distraction. However I think you miss the mark. I understand your stated desire for justice, but that comes after the kidnapper has been caught. I wonder how many kidnappers are caught because their identity was revealed, as opposed to (for example) their location (possibly via some opsec fumble like a traceable phone call). Your response also relies on the existence of a legal framework within which the punishment you describe (or some form of punishment at least) is possible.

Intelligence is only of any use if it can make a substantial contribution to our response. Let's say our company is hacked and we can solidly attribute the attack to the Elbonian Government Elite Hackers. So what? What actual difference will that make to our response in terms of how we handle the incident? What if the attack had been solidly attributed to Microlombia instead?

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