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Of course we care. We care about the traffic jams that have resulted from a)changing the existing HOV lanes and b) dedicating 1 lane on the highways which don't have HOV lanes as an HOV lane so that both of them are restricted to vehicles carrying athletes, people with games passes or 3 or more persons.

We also care that the food vendors near the Rogers Centre (formerly the Skydome) were banned during the opening ceremonies and will be banned during the closing ones as well. We also cared that every one entering the Rogers Centre was searched to ensure that no one was smuggling in their own bottle of water or bag of peanuts, ensuring that the vendors inside were able to charge exorbitant amounts for the aforementioned water, other beverages and sundry snacks.

We also cared that they changed the finals for at least 1 of the events so that people who had bought tickets for that time and place were not able to see the event which they had intended to.

I am sure we are going to care a lot more if we get the Olympics that are now planning to bid for.

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