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"This is not the work of a real lawyer."

Or maybe it's the work of one who thinks he can put in any terms- legally-enforceable or otherwise- in there and at worst the ones which *aren't* will (possibly) be struck down *if* they get to court (but enough people will believe that they are enforceable and/or don't want the hassle in proving it) that they have a chilling effect.

Of course, this only works if you don't take it too obviously beyond the bounds of credibility for even Joe Public- something which evidently hasn't worked on the Reg in this case. :-)

I suspect that most such unenforceable terms like this are a combination of incompetence, laziness (cut and paste boilerplate from elsewhere, whether or not it makes sense in this context) and the dual cynicisms of throwing enough mud at the wall and hoping some'll stick and/or hoping that Joe Average will be intimidated into believing they're enforceable.

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