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Pan Am Games: Link to our website without permission and we'll sue


I'm probably only feeding the troll....

...but i couldn't stop myself from emailing them this:

- - - -

Dear Pan Am Games lawyers,

Welcome to the internet. And thank you. Thank you. Thaaaaaaank youuuuuuu!!!!!

I have had some bad days lately, and really, really needed a laugh. It was so nice of you to provide that.

The sheer thought of anybody needing permission to link to anyones websites is so outrageously hilarious, that i nearly crapped myself laughing. Well, at least i managed to mop most of that mouthful of coffee out of my keyboard again. I have had coffee coming out of my sinuses for a while now...

I didn't manage to find your "Terms of use" myself - it was actually "The Register" that broke the story (Link - without anybodys 'permission' : ) and my big thanks to El Reg too - you two really, really made my day.

Perhaps your lawyers should read up a little on this new-fangled Intertubes watchemcallits? Hint: you put something on the Internet == everybody can use it. Within the copyright laws, of course. Without permission. Without wasting a second reading your silly and meaningless "Terms of use".

Please keep up the good work. I can use more laughs like that.

Have fun -


- - - -

Their server may have gotten better - at least my mail hasn't bounced yet. Unlike my checks. I'm quite hopeful for a reply - if i get one, i'll share it....

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