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Qld, Gestapo one day, Stasi the next. Dont let Tony know, he might think it a goal to aim for. If one is motorcycling, in two days the marsupials, eagles, emus and Min Min Lights might have generated a scare or two and the cops will have added more justified hate to their existance after a couple of strip searches by side of road for no reason other than two wheeled vehicle use. All for society's safety you know.

However Qld is only 2.5 days north south, 2 days east west in my experience. WA beats it comfortably in both x and y axis. Without the compulsory arbitrary roadside strip searches too, so far. Also has camels to hit so one has more choice of things to be wiped out by. Roadtrains carrying stupendous equipment is common to both states.

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