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Brit teen who unleashed 'biggest ever distributed denial-of-service blast' walks free from court

Joe Montana

They're not specific about exactly what "indecent images of children" were, they might have been of very young kids or they might have been of people barely younger than the defendant himself. Keep in mind he was 16 at the time the images were found, and 13 at the time he started committing the crimes he is accused of...

"indecent images of children" could mean images of 15 year olds, who could be less than a year younger than him. It's during their teens that most people first develop an interest in sex, and it's perfectly normal for people to be sexually interested in others within a year or two of their own age. It's also possible he may have collected images of 13 year olds when he himself was 13 etc...

Given the lenient sentencing, it's likely the images were fairly close in age to the defendant and although technically illegal, a 16yr old looking at images of a 15yr old is very different from a 40yr old looking at those same images.

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