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Dave 107


Let me start by saying I work for an infrastructure vendor. What I see everyday appears to be different from what you're suggesting.

1) Data is moving to the edge, and peer to peer - more storage in servers and software defined, vSAN, etc. Wringing out every bit of latency matters. Lots of I/O bays.

2) Flash and Tiering are the new defaults. Flash Dimms, PCI Flash, SSD's. The price performance barrier has been broken. Why buy 15k when for a couple of dollars more, you get Flash.

3) Fibre Channel is alive and healthy. 16 isn't 40 or 100, but 40 and 100 Ethernet switch ports are still pricy. There may be a switch, but it's 18 months out. By then FC will ramp up. Consider security as well when you put everything on Ethernet.

4) The server is becoming the switch - OpenStack, NSX, etc.

5) It's expensive and time-consuming to re-write code. Putting the code in memory or on flash is fast and easy band-aid.

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