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Excellent but beware band support

The Chinese phones are excellent value for money and if you're prepared to stray further from the main brands there are lots of good choices for significantly less than this Xiaomi phone. There is a good English-language website which can be found quite easily which reviews all the handsets in detail - googling 'Chinese phone reviews' should bring it up. Anyway, fiddling about with Google frameworks is a bit of a faff but do-able for most El Reg readers. Better to have an English firmware but you'll probably only get this from the bigger names. The main issue is watching out for which bands they support - naive me thought the point of 3G was that it would be a global standard, how wrong! I'm on Vodafone in the UK which means 800Mhz, whereas the majority of Chinese phones use 850Mhz. There are some that do 800 but it cuts down the suitable handset choices significantly.

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