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NOKIA got really big in mobile phones in a different era and it is very unlikely that their previous 50%+ market share position could ever be re-attained.

That said, I guess they could start from scratch and try some niche markets. They were always good at the phone cameras and they had good production quality and OK designs. There may be some useful and profitable areas for them, but a major global player in mobile phones generally is probably not one of them. This belongs to the hordes of Chinese manufacturers forever more I suspect.

It seems with this announcement previous predictions that MS would quickly get rid of the dumb phone part of the business have now been realised and the destruction of all NOKIA handset division value is now almost complete. After a suitable amount of time, the Lumia will be buried and MS's foray into the mobile handset market will be at an end.

Oh, and how is that 8Bn purchase of Skype working out for MS financially?

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