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"How does Ted Tso, author of EXT4 work for Google and Android phones will not read EXT4?"

Are you sure about that? I mean, really sure? The Linux Kernel (at the heart of Android) has built-in support for EXT4. Most internal storage on (newish) Android phones is now EXT4. This is also why most (newish) Android phones, when plugged into a computer via USB cable, use MTP rather than USB Mass Storage mode... Windows (love it or hate it, but being the most used PC OS), out of the box, doesn't play ball with EXT4 hence MTP is in, hiding EXT4 from Windows, and Mass Storage Mode is out.

Also, variants of Android have used EXT4 for many years. I used to use a SD Card with an EXT4 partition to increase the "internal" storage of my (Cyanogen Flashed) HD2, which only came with a measly 512mb of actual internal storage. Cyanogen treated the EXT4 partition on the SD card as an extension of the internal memory for apps, while I could still use the main partition, as Fat32, to store files (and used generally as a dumping ground for all the crap apps downloaded/cached).

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