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Oh well, nice concept anyway...

If you have to replace the entire UI just to get it in a language you can understand, then that's a fairly major strike against it.

If you then ALSO have to essentially replace it's back end loader so you can interoperate with the major name service that it barely acknowledges as being it's selling point (having a G'Play icon but none of your G'Play installed apps worked?), then that's another major strike against it.

And having to use a dubious-security third party boot loader to get those first two corrected? Call it "Strike Three" and retire that chump at the hump.

I *might* have been interested even despite the lack of compatible signal bands, despite the lack of an SD card slot, and despite the limited internal storeage, but tossing those three atop the already growing pile of issues it's already got? That's not merely a "swing & a miss", that's taking the ball to the face & standing there drooling merrily on yourself while the Ump tries to coax you off the field with a squeaky cat toy.

"Come on little guy, come play with the nice squeak toy... That's right, come on... Gooood boy!"

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