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Browsers became gateways to new experiences. They were once used only for sharing text, then one guy thought, why not be able to send email using it without an email client, then multimedia arrived, why not display pictures, music, video, then more convoluted stuff, sharing one's actions life with the everybody, all in one single program, a browser. Is it better to keep all these tools as separate entities? One for email, one for chat, another to watch videos from news websites, another for online banking (hm, this is one I'd prefer over a browser, but it also depends on many other factors, another thread perhaps) or is it more convenient to open inside the browser? Most people think yes. Most people also like online games, simple at start, but as with anything else, they evolve, people are demanding new nicer looking ways of entertainment. All connected via web, and since browsers are the main interface, it is just obvious new tech will be created for these increase of demands. The cloud is upon us, and most people don't care where the streams come from or if they are local, as long as it fulfills their needs. ChromeOS is betting on this, a browser being the OS.

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