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Hacking Team hacked: Spyware source code torrent blurts govt customers

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Companies like these deserve every bit of trouble and misfortune that goes to them. They help create misery for innocent people. I hope that they go out of business, even worse..

I would propose a slightly different approach for such people: entirely remove their right to privacy for a couple of years. They should not even be able to take a dump without it being 24/7 available to anyone who is interested, without any knowledge who watches or how many. Phonecalls with live taps, SMS and messaging live mirrored, their computer desktop visible in read-only web broadcast - the works. Basically, move their entire private and business lives inside a panopticon and give them what they have no problem creating for others. Ditto for any government official who proposes measures to invade privacy without the required controls, accountability and transparency that such measures require (no, be realistic - law enforcement needs those tools and that's IMHO OK, it's the abuse that is the problem).

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