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May I ask...

How many of the people hating on Bitcoin have ever held any Bitcoin?

Just wondering if you're part of the same crowd that sasy "you dont need more than £1million or a car that goes faster than 70mph theres no point".

Im personally on the fence with bitcoin with a slight bias towards being pro BTC. I see both its merits and drawbacks but I cant quite see how to make something like it mainstream yet.

People entirely against trying out a new system for currency must still trade in eggs and worms.

Why the fuck would you stop using perfectly usable stuff as currency when you can use metal discs and paper? Ker-razy!!!!

There is definitely something worthwhile in Bitcoin given the investment that is still being put towards blockchain R&D. Theres a couple of banks (including Santander) who have a real hard on for Bitcoin and blockchain tech at the moment...they're chucking money at it!

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