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There was a woman who put something like 150k miles on her SUV (or whatever) without a single oil change, without even knowing that it was necessary, and she gets laughed at. Average Guy isn't exempt; you have to take responsibility and/or take classes and/or take the advice of someone who knows or take a lot of risks or not use the stuff in the first place. I could wish that more would land on that last notch but between the proliferation of smart phones and FarceBook, it's hopeless.

But hey, maybe more Average Guys will hear about the US gov getting pants'd through their computers while it's 'unfolding' on the television, and maybe more of them will think "oh, maybe I should..."

Never forget that the act of using anything that you didn't build or can't understand is an implicit declaration of trust in the one(s) who did, whether they're into SUVs or servers.

--Capt. Obvious

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