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You make it sound easy, but it is not

You're ignoring the not inconsiderable probability that being an early adopter on a new version opens you up to newly introduced bugs. Not only the "0 day oops", but bugs that can persist for years (i.e. the recent bugs in OpenSSL, some of which affected all recent versions, but did not affect very out of date versions)

You are potentially screwed either way. The problem with bitcoin is that if you screw up on a software upgrade like this, it costs you money. With dollars or euros, if your bank screws up and allows someone to spend their money twice, they are responsible so it costs you nothing. If a bank ever really screwed up and lost all their money due to dodgy software, the FDIC (and I assume something similar in the UK & EU) protects you.

We who read the Reg are mostly IT people who are amongst the most clueful about this stuff but even we don't and can't get this right all the time. What chance does the average Joe have to figure all this out? He only patches Windows because that's the default, and his PC does it while he sleeps so he may not even know it is happening.

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