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Thanks, but you don't really challenge the proposition that it's a bogus scare that won't be implemented, which is fairly critical context needed to understand this story.

I know some people will want it, Europe has professional copyright bureaucrats who would love to start another society or four. But you've missed two important things.

One, the amendment wouldn't be on the table if the rapporteur hadn't done such a bad report. One things leads to another.

Two, these are the stages that would need to happen to lose the Panorama exception.

1.The European Council writes exactly the same amendment. Council members vote on it. Since most of its members have a Panorama exception they would vote against it. It dies.

2. But assuming it doesn't, it goes to Parliament, where MEPs are from countries that have a Panorama exception and don't want it. They vote, it dies.

3. But assuming it's still alive, it has to be implemented in all the countries in Europe that have a Panorama exception. Which is most of them. They have an exception because it's a good idea. So it never gets into legislation. Because if it goes to each Parliament, it dies.

It was never a danger to either photographers or Wikipedia. Oettinger ruled out any prospect of 1) today.

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