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Is it just me...?

Maybe it's just me, but Paypal is horrible. In their (recent) TV ads they claim it's simpler than using your credit card to pay for stuff, but it really isn't. Firstly you seem to have to change your password every 10 minutes, and now I've hit some limit which means they're going to bill my card up to 5 quid to 'verify' it's mine. Their website is an awful maze of impossibility and they seem to need you to jump through far too many hoops to do anything useful.

The only reason I have a paypal account is because ebay needed one. I've ditched ebay because almost everyone on it is flaky, so have little need of Paypal now either. If they make their service genuinely easy to use, I guess it might be useful again, but right now I can't see it happening.

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