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"Please explain why you think recursive code is a "pain to debug""

If you have to ask the question then you won't understand the answer.

"Why would you even want to "debug"? Aren't you writing test code?"

Thats the sort of comment I'd expect to hear from a 10 year old just starting out in programming.

"You may also want to explain what you mean by "recursive from the ground up". Missing the point, are you?"

No, but perhaps you are wrt functional languages. Perhaps you don't understand what recursive means.

"Furthermore someone considering functional programming "niche" must be talking from behind a stack of fanfold paper illuminated by an IBM 80-column terminal."

Uh huh. Meanwhile back in the real world....

"Maybe you will bum your code to use less than 20KByte eventually."

Oh dear. Been looking at the size of some p-code files have we? Its very easy to create a small target executable when all the libraries and heavy lifting is done inside the VM.

"People are still faffing around with mutable state in 2015? I blame crap university courses from profs who should be taken out to pasture"

Shame those same people "faffing around" are probably the sort who wrote your Haskell compiler in C with some assembler thrown in. But what do those idiots know eh? They should have written it in ML, right?

"The wreckage is all around us to admire."

The only wreckage I can see is the burnt out remains of the "functional programming is the next great step in development" rhetoric that has been spouted by a succession of tedious monomaniacs since the 1970s. Welcome to the club, and while you're at it change the bloody record.

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